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Special spells

Addiction spells

The object of your addiction is irrelevant. Be it drugs, smoking, alcohol, gambling, food, porn, sex, video games, messing around on the Internet, watching television– most of us are addicted to something, and they’re almost always destructive in some way. Addictions are often not only destructive to ourselves, but even affect the people closest to us

Attraction Spells

This spell is perfect to attract anything you need the most in your life at the moment and isn’t necessarily limited to romantic endeavours. Although you can, indeed, choose to attract a person with this spell, you can also achieve great success attracting a new job, inspiration, or anything else you are working hard towards

Beauty Spells

To be perceived as attractive by other people, we must first feel attractive to ourselves. We change within, then without. This beauty spell works to increase your confidence, health and joy – all the main ingredients of beauty

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Money Spells

This is a simple spell which will help you overcome financial difficulties and attract money successfully into your life. It can also be used as a spell to help you in business.

Good Luck Spells

It will enhance your self-confidence, and give you an aura of luck, so that you’re able to get all the right